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    Hi all,

    I've been reading posts on this forum for a few weeks now and recently joined - its a fantastic resource and already I've learnt heaps. I had read alot about creating ebooks but the SEO side of knowledge was basically about simple on-page optimisation.

    Anyway, I've made a page for a friend who wrote their own ebook. Basically, it talks about women starting their own business and tips advice etc etc. I created the ebook (she did the actual writing) and the site, and up to now have only done the on-page SEO. Despite reading copious amounts about keyword selection, I still struggle with it but do feel I'm starting to understand it better. So I just wanted to ask people's general advice about a selection I've looked at - I'll outline my thinking of why I think the keyword I've first chosen is probably not correct and why I think the one I'm thinking instead is better. I think important to get this right before starting on backlinks etc.

    Basically, because its a book for women on home business, I thought the word women should feature. So initially after using the Google keyword tool and reviewing many options I settled for 'women home business'. I put this at the start of every webpage on the ebook site - i.e. 'Women Home Business | SITE NAME | PAGE NAME | AUTHOR NAME' as the title tag. I didn't realise till later I hadn't used the Exact match filter and this is where the issue comes in.

    women home business only has 110 global monthly 'exact' searches, but competition is medium. On the other hand, from reviewing the keyword tool, home business ideas, has some 14,100 monthly searches - way more, but competition high. If I looked deeper though, searching for both keywords individually..... the no1 site for my original keyword had alot more backlinks, linking root domains, and a higher page and domain authority. home business ideas on the other hand was less in every way. Both no 1 rankings are EMDs.

    My concern is the word 'women' should be in there - but is that really neccessary? Based off my analysis, the second keyword option seems a much better choice from multiple angles.

    Would love to know people's thoughts - struggle with this topic but think I'm coming round slowly. Appreciate any advice - all a good learning experience.

    Thanks heaps!
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    Hey, welcome to BHW. I'm quite new just like you too, and what I found incredibly hard about forums like BHW is that unless you ask the question the right way you'll never get an answer out of anyone. LOL. Some will down right just mock you, hahaha. But I guess I can try to help you here, since us noobs gotta be tight ya know? If you know everything about the significance of keywords are? Like long tail and short tail and all that stuff? I mean you can fight the uphill battle and try to beat out your competitor by out ranking them with their best keyword or you can slowly build your site's popularity with keyphrases. if you're doing it the white hat way, it'll be awhile but its much safer than if you bh it. one tool i recommend for keyword research is ultimate niche finder, its helpful i think in looking for long tail keywords that you might be able to top in.

    maybe you can have our 'keywords + city youre in'? IDK, if i did nothing to help you at all, then best of luck anyway :)!
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    i suggest using a keyword tool like market samurai. That way you will be better able to judge if a niche is to competitive for you to rank in.