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    Right.. a client has asked me to do a profile on a large list of very very high profile keywords.. Its not as easy as picking niche research

    The kind of keywords that are in the top50 in the world to compete for.. Yes, his bankroll so ..

    How would u guys case this study.. i mean i have the list i have currently about 750 keywords .. the cream of the crop..

    Im after about 75 Primary keywords and 150 lsi long tail keywords to pick out of that ..
    So 1 primary and 2 lsi will be the link building method im assuming, its his gig..
    How would you guys pick the top 75 ??

    I would think pbr then local seo competion then local title competion and to finish with Adwords value..

    Same with the longtail ?

    Anyone got any decent formulas they can share that would be quite helpfull to this.. its a wall of data im staring at..

    Thank you