Keyword Research Exact versus Broad

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    Jan 10, 2012
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    Hey so I know the difference between broad and [exact], or at least i think I do

    My understandings are:

    broad: term plus synonyms and words can be in between
    [exact]: only your term they way it is typed
    "phrase": the term you typed with no words in between but allows synonyms

    So the point of this thread is that i was just looking at two KWs and I have never seen such variations between the broad and exact searches.

    Broad: 398,000 (medium competition)
    Exact: 3,600 (high competition)

    Broad: 110,000 (high competition)
    Exact: 1,900 (high competition)

    What is the reason for such a large discrepancy between broad and exact for these terms, I have never encountered KWs with such a difference?

    (FYI: these KWs are related to one another)