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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by bobgoe, Nov 25, 2011.

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    I am confused about the keyword research , most of the keyword research recommends to do a exact match keyword analysis but I am confused here because if the do an exact match keyword research and finds a low competitive keyword with high search volume still we have to compete for the broad keyword since no body is going to do a exact match search other that the SEO's
    what you gusy think about this

    is the exact match keyword analysis just to know the competition and search and traffic .

    Since the google or any search engine is not going to give the search result for the exact match keyword (unless requested ) how we are going to rank for the keyword
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    Keyword research is a bit more than just searching on google keyword tool. You need to always do exact match then type into google the keyword with quotes ie "keyword" then in the space bar at the end of the address type in &start=990 that will tell you how many pages you are competing against and the lower the page number the easier it will be to rank higher.Then you type into google search intitle:"keyword" to see how many sites have the keyword in the title,then you type into google inurl:"keyword" to see how many sites have the url,then you type in both intitle:"keyword" inurl:"keyword" to see how many sites have both the title and url.The lower all of the figures are the more chance you have of ranking depending on your competitors on page one and to find that out use something like Travis Traffic. Hope this helps it certainly helped me when someone posted this information on here.There are lots of keyword threads and keyword expperts on Blackhat.Just search and you will find.