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Jun 27, 2010
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I have a client who wants me to show where his site ranks on Google in comparison to what he sees as his top 5 competitors for 50 or so keywords.
Now I could do the whole thing manually, a search for each keyword and then go through the results and see where the sites are ranking.

But frankly who's got time to do all that? Anyone got a recommendation for a tool where I can insert the domain urls and the keywords to check against so I can click a button and see the results?

I did try googling for this but had no luck.

Will reward the person with the answer with a direct link to some IM eBook and course video goodies for free.
SEO Book offer a firefox addon, else you sould try the 30 day free trial of "Advanced Web Ranking"
Bingo, had SEO Book installed and had completely forgotten it did that! Am now running the queries tahnks, I can;t PM yet so how do I get the link to the free stuff to you?
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