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    Hi all,
    some advice needed as well as some updates about my journey to making my first $$$ online

    I am missing a vital part of the puzzle.

    So far I have:

    conducted my research (forever ongoing)
    got a domain (clean PR 0 no backlinks, has been maturing for about 1 month)
    I have built a site
    Bought Scrapebox
    done keyword research

    My question is as follows:
    Now that I have all of the above - I need to start to rank (obviously)
    am I correct in stating that I do this by:
    a)posting articles on my site that have a keyword in the title and 2-3 keywords in the main text.
    i)question - what do I do to make them keywords (put them in bold? link them to pages on my site (or out of my site)) that google can index
    b) build backlinks using a varied anchor text as the keyword, be it exact keyword or niche related or site address

    if using tiered link building as described , and I build some 2.0s, aritcles etc... using 2-3 keywords in the articles, will i rank for those keywords even if they are not mentioned on my site?

    in a nutshell everything is pretty clear apart from exactly how I utilize the keywords I have chose and how i rank them

    thanks again for your ongoing support and advice
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    You dont need to do anything to make Google aware of your keywords just mention them.

    As for the other one about whether you will rank for keywords you haven't optimised for, the answer is it depends if they are latent semantic index keywords or LSI keywords.

    Basically it means Google can work out the relevance between two keywords.

    E.g. "How to lose weight" and "get rid of belly fat"

    The latter would be considered an LSI keyword. (more experienced SEO'ers, feel free to criticise)

    Can you see that both of the keywords have something in common? That is LSI.

    I suggest looking for a thread by SEO20 (or something like that) on LSI. He talks about it in greater detail. Or just use google to search.

    As for ranking I would suggest making two or three high quality blogs that are updated with fresh content every months/week.

    Blast the tier 1 with lots of other backlinks like web 2.0s, article directories etc

    That will become your tier 2, blast tier 2 with SB blog comments and that is your tier 3.

    Don't forget social signals as well for the money site.
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    thanks for the answer - a great help, I will try and find the post about LSI.

    With regards to Google noticing them - presumably I have to do something to make them stand out from a sentence - so google can pick that up and not just pick up the whole sentance. If for example the sentence is

    the dog like to eat lots of dog food, but my cat also likes dog food

    the keyword being (dog food) do I need to structure it like :

    the dog like to eat lots of dog food, but my cat also likes dog food
    the dog like to eat lots of dog food, but my cat also likes dog food (underline being a hyperlink)

    Is it sufficient to take say 30 articles, and put them in a scheduler on a web2.0 blog and leave it to auto publish? If I was to do this for a couple of weeks (4-5 article releases) and then start linking to the cash page (to make it look au naturelle)
    the scheme would therefore look like

    money site - including Google+ twitter and Facebook page
    tier 1 (5 - 10 blogs about the general niche e.g. blogger, WordPress keywords linking to cash site)
    tier 2 (e.g. directories, articles, forum posts, high PR comments linking to the tier 1)
    tier 3 (backlink blasts to the tier 2, scrapebox, xrumer seonuke etc.. )

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    just try too build backlink to higher Authority Domain..all your steps are perfect