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    \\\Begin useless background information///
    Basically. I have been hovering around and dabbling off and on with IM through mostly MNs. I have only posted a couple times here and mostly in the services sections, mainly because I am reading.
    I have a few sites that I have rushed through and failed on, miserably! But that is what you get when you half-a$$ this stuff, or so I am finding out.
    I had nearly given up when I got a nice big google slap, on my only site that was making any mnoney, with the last update but I waited a couple months and did nothing but watch my ranking on that site. I am back to #1-5 with about 15 different low comp but low pay words. That site is starting to see about $50 a month +/- and is PR3 now. Making me happy and holding it's own.
    Basically I have 1 site and I want to add another and another and so on like some of you who are making a living at this. I am unemployed and now have the time to do this.
    ///End Useless Background Information\\\
    My question comes into keyword research and domain name. I found a keyword that a site with the primary phrase as the URL IE.. keywordphrase dot com (not like you all needed that I just want to be clear) but has roughly 38 links to it from .edu and .gov pages. They are the only links via traffic travis and seo plugin for firefox.
    The page rank is 0.
    They pop up at #4 in google.
    The keyword has 8100 local monthly searches and is roughly $3.5 per click via keyword tool
    sites #1,2 and 3 are relatively strong.
    I can get the .net or .org for this one or there is a variation of this keyword phrase that has the same basic stats but weaker pages in the top. I can get the .org for that one.
    Which would be the preferred to shoot for?
    I may be able to place #1 for the latter of the two with a touch of work but is the .org going to help or hinder?

    Ok, Thanks for reading my long winded first official post.
    Hopefully it makes sense and someone will throw in some advice.