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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by david wright, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Aug 3, 2010
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    Hi everyone. Basically my problem is this. I have a blog with lots of content, more than 2 years old, but it isn't niche specific.

    I have a category for politics, culture, life in general etc. The problem is because those 3 keywords are pretty big in competition I would never rank for them. My blog is not niche specific I could write about whatever from those 3 categories.

    So I'm looking at my all in one seo settings where I have those keywords typed in (politics, culture, life) and I don't know what to replace them with.

    Because my blog is not niche specific I frankly don't know how to find what keywords to target. Is there like a tool that examines all my blog posts and tells me what keywords I should target for my meta keywords??

    I know i'm probably losing traffic having politics, culture and life being in my all in one seo keywords and never being able to rank for them.

    Forgive me if this is a newbie type of questions you might have heard before. I did do a search and couldn't anything that would answer this question.
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    These 3 Topics cover such a massive range that it is very hard for me to give you any sort of direction but I have listed a few things that may give you some other ideas to look into further.

    In politics - Prime Ministers, Leaders of various Parties, Latest News.

    Culture - Art, Music, Dance, Music, Libraries, Media, Sport.

    Life - Health, Healthy Living, Children, Families.

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    David,what you are going to listen right now through me might be hard but its for your good.Stop concentrating on such broad niches [and niches that could probably bring very little money compared to a lot others].It is time you focused on niche sites.Goto walmart or amazon,find a product or a small niche and start a site around it.I am very sure that a site around politics is not going to be the best you can do.

    Sorry,i did not mean to discourage you but this is just my opinion.
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    You are shooting in the dark here. To identify the categories for which your posts should reside you need to undertake some keyword research to ensure that your category keywords are being a) searched for and b) you can rank with realistic certainty.

    There are several tools here on BHW which will help you with this most notably Market Samurai. Simply input the top level niche keyword (Politics for example) and you will be presented with hundreds to thousands of related keywords - check out the competition and when reasonable target as your category keyword.

    Rinse and repeat.