Key elements of a basic SEO audit [Begginer's guide]


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Hello everyone!

Whether it be to attract a new client, to sell this service to your currents clients or just to have a quick overview of how a basic SEO audit should look like, I hope you find this begginer's guide useful.

This quick list of items takes into account all the key elements that should be included in your SEO audit according to my own experience acquired throughout the years.

I would like to hear your comments and know if you use similar elements in your SEO audits!

Let's get to it:

1. Site crawl

Current domain and website status, such as indexed pages, types of indexed content (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.), headings (H1, H2, etc.), hreflang, canonical, 301, 404, meta titles and meta descriptions.

2. Organic competitors

Grab the main SEO competitors that the client has told you or you have found using, for example, SEMrush or any other tool you might use. Include their organic traffic, main ranking keywords and some brief explanation of their SEO.

3. Keyword research

As some clients don't understand the main purpose of keywords in SEO, what I do here is dividing it in two phases:

1- Make a list of their main products or services and select those which have enough monthly searches.

2- Make a bigger list of secondary keywords that they could rank for via blog or other pages.

To do this, I use Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs.

4. On-page optimisation

Give the client a brief explanation of each of the most important elements in on-page SEO and explain how these should be improved:

- URLs
- Content
- Meta titles
- Meta descriptions
- Headings
- Images
- Internal linking
- Loading speed

5. Link research

Have a look at the domain's backlink profile and carry out an analysis. You should, at least, include this information:

- Domain authority
- Trust flow and citation flow
- Referring domains
- Spam score
- Anchor texts

PS: in case you don't pay for SEO tools, some websites provide all major SEO metrics for free. I personally recommend SEO Metrics Checker (and no, I have got nothing to do with them).

6. Site structure & accessibility

Explain to the client if the website should use a vertical or horizontal structure, how should internal linking be done and some other tips such as installing an SSL certificate, submitting the sitemap to Google, having a robots.txt file, linking and optimising Google Analytics and Google Search Console, having a responsive design, avoid using JavaScript and Flash, including a blog, etc.

I really hope this little guide will help you one day!

I am also willing to hear your opinion on all these aspects and know how you perform your SEO audits for your clients.

Thank you for your time!


Jun 20, 2015
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WOW,its really cool and that's how the way you should reach your clients with a basic report of analysis !
Good Stuff bro @danieledvart