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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by bstsystems, Sep 27, 2011.

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    May 17, 2011
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    People recommend using sites like to keep a keyword #1, but does that mean to keep sending forum profiles to your link pyramid or to main site? If pyramid, wouldn't that not really help since all you're doing is making the current links stronger and not adding any new links, like google wants?

    Let's say that I have 100 pages on my site and I want them all to rank #1 all the time. By the time I get to page 10, page #1 will probably start to not rank at #1 anymore. With so many pages at the same time that you're trying to rank, how do you automate and keep track of the process so it doesn't get overwhelming?
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    I believe it's a continual process - don't stop what your doing when you get to number one, and go for quality over quantity - so if your getting to #1 easily, go for some more competitive keywords.
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    If your competition looks like that they are collecting moss... just get #1 and have a break, maybe you can stick #1 without work if your competitors are not doing SEO and just sits there :)

    I have had website for now good 4-5 months sitting first for some keywords which i did SEO 4-5 months ago... i dont need to keep up building backlinks and it is there passively.
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    It's different for every keyword. Some keywords you can get to #1 and stay there for months and months without doing anything more. Other keywords you have to keep working on them and working on them and working on them. At that point you have to weigh whether the profit is enough to justify the work. If it is worth it, keep working and working and working. Hire others to take over the work while you work on new keywords.

    A key part of the keyword research process is finding easy keywords, keywords that require minimal work to rank and minimal work to stay ranked.
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    to stay #1 you need to spice it up, mix it up..etc etc

    dont just stick with one strat try out alot of different things, you never know which one would count