keep getting this stupid message from google..


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Sep 1, 2010
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guys sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.. google keeps giving me this message:
We're sorry...

... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

See google help for more information.

How can i get rid of that??? i made a few searches, i scanned my computer so i dont have a spyware that is doing it.. i dont know what to do..
Are you on a DSL line?

More likely than not if you're clean for PC problems, someone near you is using a scraper for it.

The IP addresses are assigned from a DHCP pool, you probably got one of his. One of the easiest ways to stop it from showing as often is to make a verified Google account and stay signed in when searching. I've never gotten a captcha on that account even when I ran a scraper from this IP. (This was a long time ago though, proxies > all)
I got same error when i tried to search for same keyword in google for 10-15 minutes.
I have this problem when grabbing PR for advanced searches (100 results) using seoquake.

All of a sudden, it just blocks me - not even a captcha.

However, if this happens, I wipe all cookies from Google and try again. Then, it gives a captcha and you can search after filling in the captcha. This only works if you clear cookies.
SeoQuake have this problem, if you are not using it, deactivate it (just right click on the logo) and then clean cookies.

If the problem persist and you have DSL you can reset your modem, at this way the IP change and again clean cookies.
i will try try all the suggestions ....... it is pretty annoying searching stuff and getting shot down lol.... thank you guys
depends on what you're searching for too, if you search for lots of "" type url's they get suspicious... wonder why :p
Sometimes it gives you that error if you are using proxies or a "HIDE MY IP" software. Check to make sure your IP is correct.
Probably your IP got blacklisted, in that case just reset your modem to get a new IP (to reset just PRESS the reset button for at least 40 seconds without letting go)

I hope it helps.
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