keep getting banned by ovh, what are the best/fastest proxies money can buy?

Ranko Jones

Mar 3, 2011
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The suckers caught me quickly this time not even a month in without warning.

Keep getting banned for xrumer usage.

I know that usign proxies slows down performance alot but im wondering if ivh server plus good proxies would equal better than some bulletproof vps cos bulletproof dedi is not an option money was per roi atm.

anyone attest to the speed using proxies with xrumer and/or what the fastest proxies are for the job?
Really? Isn't OVH known as bulletproof host?

Most blackhat VPS is using OVH Europe.

Have you tried private proxies?
Looking for french host ?

I never test OVH VPS because i know from french forums that they ban tools like scrapebox , xrumer , etc ...

I got my VPS from , using some automation tools on it + proxies : no problem since a year now
Proxybonanza is good for proxies but heck xrumer and tools use bit high bws and ur $ may burn soon
yes price its the main issue here. ivh cant be beat for high spec dedis...but those sobs ban fast.

i know alot of the guys on here host using ovh so i dunno how the fuck they do it? any ideas? cos their specs/prices arent as good as buying ovh direct form the source
IMO you should get SHARED PRIVATE PROXIES for scraping and posting proposes these are the best. They are not 100% private but they are fast and cheap.
Sorry for resurrecting a 4 year old thread but what about for bots / massplanner - for white hat accounts greater than 4 months old that I do not want banned?
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