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    Okay, so recently I joined the karmaloop rep team but i'm unable to withdraw the amount of money I made for being a representative because it requires me to send in this W9 tax form. This W9 form was great until I saw this little part that required me to put my SSN. I spoke with a worker of karmaloop and he told me that it's required because the US Government requires karmaloop to send in the W9 form so they can apply tax to all of the redemptions. It's better to be safe than sorry so what do you guys think I should do? Fill in the W9 form and take the risk? Background information there are a lot of reps associated with karmaloop and they're a multi million dollar company but i've been researching a lot about online scamming and etc lately and it got me really afraid. Help me out guys !
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    They are a reputable company, suggest you fill in the W9 tax form as you really have no other options to get paid.

    Good luck I surmise all will work out OK!