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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Vanrithy, Sep 2, 2014.

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    First of all, I'd like to have some clarification. There are many BSTs for the content writing service in this awesome community.
    Yet, It's just not scalable or affordable to depend on the service.

    I need to spend time/money on other tasks beside content alone in order to be succeed in niche sites. Those are including organic traffic (SEO) and site promotion etc.

    Therefore, I decide to open this thread to seek someone who could share the same vision as me.

    Lets be in the topic!

    My vision:
    I want to scale; I want to produce niche site (mini and authority sites) and earn as much as possible.
    My trap is I could not write or exactly my writing skill is so bad that could not acceptable for online present.

    I need someone to fulfill my lacking by producing content.

    So, if you could write, we could be partnered and produced a long term relationship to earn money together.

    Lets come to the meat and bone!

    What could I do:
    1- Creating the sites including (designing, customizing, configuring, installing and maximizing the site).
    2- Keyword researching
    3- SEOing
    4- Promoting
    5- Hosting & Domaining
    6- Bring tons of traffic

    What could you do:
    1- Providing the articles/contents for money sites as well as for link building.

    Therefore, if you see some visiosn and could share our long term relationship together, we could be partnered up and proofing that online tasks are the easy pieces if we have groups.

    To sum up, you could write; I do other tasks beside writing. To be fare, you 50% and me 50% is fare enough for the profit.

    I hope to have someone(s) to share my vision and be my friends/partners for a long time period of time.

    PM me for more information!


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