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    Jan 29, 2010
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    Ok, my last JV post didn't go as planned, none of the responses were really what I was looking for, but I will try again...

    I have a short, easy to remember domain, running basic image hosting code.

    I am attempting to start a "pay for views" type program with adult images.

    I am looking for a programmer who is good with website design/php code.

    What I offer:
    Domain already purchased, plus traffic already coming in.
    I will do all of the promotion including buying banners, uploading tube videos with watermarks, social bookmarking, blog commenting etc etc.
    I can pay a small upfront fee ($20 to $50 depending on how much work you do) to make sure you get SOMETHING out of this deal.
    The best part: You can include either a large banner/popup code/your own tab with whatever you want etc. Use your imagination. As long as it doesn't completely takeover the site, you can add in anything you want to it to get money directly.

    How it will work
    Step 1: PM me.
    Step 2: I PM you the site name.
    Step 3: You let me know if you are still interested in JV.
    Step 4: I download and send you the code, or if you really want, you can make code from scratch, or find a different script to work with.
    Step 5: You implement the features I am looking for, and any features you think are a good idea.
    Step 6: We upload the code.
    Step 7: I promote the site like crazy.
    Step 8: Users visit/upload/share images.
    Step 9: We both make money, direct to our own cpa/affiliate etc. We dont need to trust eachother to "split money."