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    Aug 11, 2009
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    with the following method I'm working successfully in the german market.

    1. Old domain (2003 or older); keyword inside or backlinks would be nice

    2. Wordpress-Template which looks like a Shop; Space for Adsense

    3. Affiliate Program with product datas (csv-file)

    4. Import the products (text and image) to Wordpress-Shop; Make sure that a few of the products will publish automaticlly in the future

    5. A few backlinks to the domain from somewhere else

    6. Earnings will beginning

    I'm using this method since an half year in the german market. I'm nearly happy with this. You can earn between nothing and 1.000 EUR/month with one of these Wordpress-Shops.

    But I'm sure: it's possible to get much more money out of this method. In other countries or a mixture with an autoblog.

    So I'm looking for someone authentic with high experience to optimize my idea. I'm having expert skills in wordpress and programing like the importer for the products an so on.
    I need some with experience in Linkbuilding and other methods of BH.

    For contact!? Please write me an PM. (english, german or spanish).