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    [B]I don't know if this type of JV is right but if it is wrong, MOD please delete.  Can't afford to loose this wonderful account of mine.  I have checked and it does not go against any rule but if by chance it does, please MOD, remove it.[/B]
    Hello people I am here with 3 domain names with PR 2 i discovered today. You can be sure that it will be easy to get free search engine traffic on such domain if contents are developed on them.

    The third one will be expiring in 18Hours or so
    The following are the niches of the domains

    1. Media niche
    2. Game Niche
    3. Money Niche

    The JV i want here is I want to go for the Media Niche. Due to issues of payment in country I can't have access to creditcard.. I just need just one person on this JV.

    Buy me the Media Niche domain, I will PM you the last two domain for your use. All domains just expired 10minutes ago so i thought we could build on an already PR 2 domain name.

    Who is interested