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    Hello Fellow BHW members,
    My name is Max Stryker.
    For the last past months I've been involved in the writing of a money making guide that has took me over a year of research and lots of money in the development.
    What's it about?
    I've documented my way through making money online and I developed a system anyone -beginners or experienced marketers, can apply and make money from. Most of the programs and eBooks I've read are wither too general, too particular, or just not good enough. What if someone came and developed a product that contains everything there is to know about making money so that the one who reads it can start to make money right away and doesn't need to read other guides and eBooks? Well, I did. It is an 'All-Inclusive' guide, I cover everything from, choosing easy to rank keywords, blogging, affiliate marketing, product reviews to article marketing, social bookmarking, social networking, competition analysis, SEO, backlinks, link wheels, Web 2.0 and others. Everything in one guide which I'm confident it works.

    I'm going to put you the following scenario: Rob Benwell's Blogging to The Bank, one of the most promoted products of the year, has pulled in nearly 3 million dollars over the past 2 or 3 years. That course is 80 pages, too general and pure theory. i'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying it could be better. That got me thinking, it's not really about the product, its all about the promotion, and for that, you need good affiliates. That's why I've came to you guys. i know you are the best of the best, and that's what it takes to take a very good product out there and make a killing.
    I'm also a believer that it's not about quantity, it's about quality. So i'm not looking for a crowd of affiliates to promote my product, but rather a handful experienced marketers.
    Here are some important dates:

    The Product Pre-Launch is on February 21st
    The Product Launch is on February 24th

    I will recruit people from today to February 15th.
    On February 15th I will send out:
    -The '5 Day Action Blueprint' (Black Hat Edition) that will help partners build a strong product affiliate network by the date of the Launch.
    -Optimized Creatives and Affiliate Tools.

    From February 15th to February 20th I will send:
    -Daily Tips and Techniques to improve sales
    -Extra Affiliate Tools

    The people that Sign up after that day, will still get affiliate benefits, but not the blueprint.
    The product itself sells for 68 dollars, and affiliate commissions are currently set at 62%.
    The fact that you start promoting before the launch makes it easier for you to make money the very day of the launch.

    That's it for now. The people that are interested, please send me a Private Message or email with the subject 'Partnership' and include:
    ClickBank ID (optional)

    Any doubts, feel free to send me an email to my private email address:
    [email protected]

    Hoping to make a strong and lasting alliance,
    Max Stryker

    Rememeber: there's nothing to lose, just money to make.
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    Alright i don't want to bash your thread but you gotta keep in mind a lot of members here are going to post certain things

    1. it looks like your 50 posts were done in a hurry to be able to post here, they all include short posts like "thanks","nice!" simple 3 words posts for the most part or super easy basic info that required no need of critical or even thinking of the thread

    2. You have one thing right on your thread that i will completely agree, it isnt too much about the product but how you market it. And just coming over here and saying i have this "all-in one" product aint gonna cut it to get affiliates. You are so far a nobody here on this forum, no rep, no thanks, not even important threads. IF you plan on recruiting affiliates to market your product i suggest you build up some rep not as in point but as in some useful thread to establish yourself as a knowledgeable individual or provide more detail information about what you are trying to offer.

    3. You have literally not said anything about your product and 1 year of experience writing this product doesn't mention how long you have been in the business and what projects you have done in the past. No offense but 1 year of research with no previous knowledge of IM and already coming out with a product that has all-in one IM reference to make money in the first day sounds just like all the other products being sold out there.

    4.You forget the most important thing is that you dont just get the most important affiliates by posting a simple thread like that especially with your account status. Havent you heard of the snow-ball effect?
    Try promoting your product first to get your gravity in good standings on clickbank, you want to get your product noticed. Most affiliates look for products on Clickbank not forums. They look at the numbers , thats what makes it appeal able to promote. You dont have an affiliate database that you have worked with previously so you have to show affiliates that your product is the real-thing by promoting it yourself , then afterwards most affiliates would launch your preceding clickbank products once they have trust in your products.

    5. Everyone , i mean everyone hates to promote a product on clickbank that doesnt convert. Read all the threads about people promoting the wrong products. Sometimes its cause they dont know how to promote it but often is that the clickbank product is not really up to standards

    Most clickbank products follow the Pareto's principle, most likely your product would be in the lower end.
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    Thanks man
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    Owning Google
    Inside Your Mind
    are you serious guy, Max Stryker, where did you get this name from...

    a comic book. get real ppl
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    JVs are getting funnier and funnier.

    First, your commission needs to be at least 75% since you're an absolute nobody.
    Second, if your name is real, I would create an alias, because that names screams "fake".
    Third, do we get tracked leads?
    Fourth, your product price is way too high.

    You think people are going to buy your nobody course for $68? Maybe a few, but not a lot. You mention Rob Benwell... his product... $37. Easy sell, he has fake proof of making $100s of thousands each day. What do you have? What's your story?