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    1st a little background about us. (yes, we are a team) We are from Philippines. We are a team of skilled workers. We have a very talented content writer,seo specialist, programmer and web developer/web designer.

    So here's what we need. We need to tie up with someone who can bring us clients and is willing to invest on putting up an office here in Philippines. We can deliver the work and has the capability to hire more skilled worker here. We have a long experience in managing workers in an office setup so we prefer to also start a company with you where people actually work for a 9-5 job. Everything will be planned accordingly.

    I do not mean any negative message but we prefer to tie up with someone who is from America or UK who can easily send us constant workflow. Based on experience someone who is from 1st world country gains more trust from clients therefor opening many opportunity for work.

    I will just send more info to interested people. But to sum it up the process will be like this.

    You- must have the capability of providing constant workflow. You can never do this if your not good in getting clients. Clients are ideally business owners or large SEO companies that wants to outsource their work to us. We have worked in a similar setting so we are confident we can deliver.

    You- must persuade the clients that we can help them grow their business. Then we can take it from there by explaining to them what we can do to help them. You will be our front line person so that clients will gain trust so that we can close every project deal. You will tell the clients you have a very skilled team and has long experience in the field of seo and outsourcing (which is true).

    You must also have to invest to put up a small office (small office for starters and hopefully will grow) here in Philippines. We all currently just work home base. The advantage of having an office setup is that we can manage workers effectively.

    We - will do all the grunt work. Create a proposal, campaign plan, hiring the right talents, implementation, employee management, and office management.

    I already stated above that we prefer someone who can provide as many work as possible. So by this time when many work is in line we will need to hire more workers. We know a lot of talented workers because we know where to search here. So we will manage the workers according to the work needs.

    The company goal is to deliver quality work to our clients and to hopefully get the company larger fast.

    I will add more info to people interested. Also questions are welcome and will be answered.

    For the chosen person of course you will have to travel in Philippines to see for yourself the office that is getting started. And off course even when we are still planning you need to be here in Philippines if possible to see that we are serious in building a SEO/outsourcing company.

    So you will be traveling a lot here:) but you'll be surprise how affordable the cost will be. Thats why people outsource because its more affordable. But we will take it to the next level by actually building a company that has the potential to grow.
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    What are the total startup and ongoing costs that you anticipate with this project, and are you able to self manage? What successes/experience/testimonials have you had in online previously? What programming skills do you have and backlink building, written English and SEO skilss?

    Please pm me more details and the answers to above.