[JV] Solo Ads - Spit Cost 4 Ways With One Optin Form

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by GlobalP, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Solo Ads can be a bit expensive so I am reaching out to see if anyone wants to team up and do a few together.

    Here is what is going down:

    Need 3 or 4 people to split the cost of a fairly large solo ad. 300-600 clicks

    Have one squeeze page offering a large multiple item giveaway with one product from each of us. They should all probably be related but I don't think it will matter much.

    I will create and host the squeeze page, a one time offer, and thank you page. (and all the files to be downloaded if needed.)

    We will split the money made back on the OTO which I can also provide or we can do a multiple type deal.

    If you don't have something to giveaway I can provide that also.

    Visitors only have to optin once. Once they have subscribed, I will then send you that list of people whom have subscribed. You will import this list to your aweber or auto-responder account. They will then have to confirm their subscription to get the gift you offered.

    This way each and everyone of us will spend a lot less and get a lot more subscribers out of the whole deal.

    I would automate the whole thing with one optin but it can't happen with aweber which is what I use. I will have to send you the list of people who opted in and you will have to copy and paste the list into your auto responder account. They will then have to confirm optin for them to get your freebie and be subscribed to your list.

    In the case that only half confirm your still ahead. Simple math... 4 of us paid so on your own you would have only ended up with %25 of the total subscribers... plus because working together it's a massive value adding giveaway we will probably pick up more optins then alone.

    Lots of perks in doing solo ads this way... only cons: requires double optin and you have to trust me to send you the list of ppl who opted in which I will do.

    I already have 2 others signed up and ready for this. Looking for one last person who wants to jump in on this to make it split 4 ways.
    Will require somewhere around a $50 investment.

    If more people are interested then I may just keep this as a running thread and do this with multiple groups but want to run this first one and get it going smoothly.

    If you want in on this and are willing to invest somewhere around $50 then pm me with your email and I'll send you some more precise details. Also if you don't mind post here to let others know what we have going on so we can potentially build multiple groups and do this more often.

    AKA - Karson