[JV] Seeking Java or C# Coder for Software Developement. 50/50 Share.

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by SeanAustin, Feb 3, 2015.

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    I see a huge niche, one that is still growing everyday. And I see a hole in that niche that needs to be filled.

    The mockup has been designed and I'm now looking for an experienced Java or C# coder to deal with the back-end of this web based software. It could be just slightly time intensive to accomplish, but the rewards would be very well worth it if the execution is done right. And I base that off of the leaders in this niche who are making some ridiculous money.

    I will of course deal with the design, marketing, support, and sales. Equity will be split 50/50 and once profits are hit, they will be spent to outsource the back-end maintenance that will likely proceed after launch, and alleviate you of any intensive on-going work.

    I have the the budget that it would cost to cheaply outsource the back-end side but would honestly much rather work with a partner who is like-minded yet completely opposite of my own self. I strongly believe in the power of mastermind groups and combing skills to successfully create value out of nothing but thin air. I'm looking for someone who has some time on their hands and is serious about spending it towards the right idea. Someone who can drink some red bull with me and turn this idea into life.

    Pm or message below if you find yourself interested. But please do not PM me if you aren't serious about this JV or have the time, and are not serious about dedicating yourself to what could potentially be a passive money maker.

    Of course, thank you for reading!

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