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    Dear BHWers,

    Im launching a product targeted to Work at Home entrepreneurs. The website is professionaly designed and the membership software is very good as well.

    Some key points about it:

    • Entrepreneurs will receive training through membership website.
    • Training contains guides (both pdf & videos) + forum support
    • Training is targeted towards: Affiliate Marketing & Advertising, with a small twist. Its not just a general advertising or marketing lesson, its a method.
    More info will be given to anyone of you who is interested.

    Now, last year, i used a simple method for another product to close 10x or even 20x more sales than i would close if i hadnt used this method. This simple method is a Free Webinar offered to interested customer. They book one of the available webinars i offer and they get a live presentation of the product as well as time to chat with me and ask questions. Believe me, it works.

    As for the JV. Im launching this new training program and i need people to promote it. As said earlier it is targeted to Work at Home entrepreneurs. What i want is people who can advertise on:

    • Facebook
    • Craiglist
    • Forums
    • Email lists
    • Other
    Price of the training program will be at $110 and paid through Paypal, so after extracting Paypal commisions and stuff i get a profit around $100..

    That means that you get $50 for each customer you bring.

    How can you track your leads? The membership website has a built in affiliate function. You login at any time after signing up and view commissions etc.

    Product Launch will be tomorrow, June 21!

    Free Webinars will start from June 27 (next Sunday).

    So if you can promote the product in any way feel free to PM me.

    I kindly request some details about you such as:

    First Name, Contact Details and Previous Experience

    In case you have any questions please post a reply to the thread so that others can see.