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    Courtesy of having an interesting conversation and finding out their budget was too low for myself alone to undertake it, but I started thinking a little bit...

    PLENTY of people want to get into penny auctions. Problem being that it is mostly out of peoples budget ranges.

    Then I thought of this... penny auctions are usually ran at a profit anyways... so why not provide the script and layout at a monthly rate, and depending on certain functions, can charge more monthly. I am thinking between $50 - $150 a month for such a site per person.

    I am a programmer, and thats what I do best, programming, and naturally I can do web design... but I am rather... well frankly, sad in my artistic abilities, so what I need first is a person who can do graphics, XHTML, CSS, and photoshop to help make:
    1) Beautiful Sales Site
    2) Penny Auction Layouts

    I already have a testing server that can be used and that will be used to test out the scripts, the layouts, and other what not.

    The pay will be in a to be determined amount percentage for the subscription.

    I already have a healthy portion of the script made, I just need to overhaul it and adapt it for more flexibility to work with nearly any layouts that is provided with a simple javascript line or two.

    And as a means to secure that you are getting properly paid your fair share, I will incorporate a fail safe on my end to protect my interests, and aide you in incorporating a fail safe on your end. This isn't supposed to imply I will backstab you, but I recognize the necessity to make a jab at the other person to get their attention and force said individuals to talk.

    Also, another thing that is needed is an investor in said idea in due time for an additional server, domain name, and any resources (software and hardware only, NO PERSONAL EXPENSES) for the web designer and programmer (me) that is needed to do their jobs effectively, with each purchase and spending requiring approval of said investor first.

    Depending on the capital provided, up to 30% of total stake in the company profits (Not Sales). I will set up an additional failsafe to ensure that you are not cut out of the deal at all either.

    Multiple investors are permitted, but total capital will not exceed $2000 USD.

    If a contract is required, I will look into getting a contract written up.

    JV for US and UK Citizens only.

    Shoot me a private message or contact me on skype if you have any other questions or wish to learn more.

    Web Site Developer Required
    Investor Required
    Programmer (Me)
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