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    Apr 2, 2011
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    I am planning to set up an office here in the Philippines which will do adult marketing. Basically, the set-up will go like this:

    1. We will set up an office with 6 computers, which will handle 18 agents in 3 shifts for 24 hours operation everyday.
    2. I have a white-label in an adult affiliate which offers $40 and $50 per sale, on which 50% of those amounts will be given on our affiliates as their commission, 50% profit for us.
    3. I will need a partner who could invest $3600, it will cover all those expenses needed to set up the office completely. I could give you the break-down when we talk on skype.
    4. My share will be setting up the office and getting it ready for the operation. I will also manage the daily operation.
    5. I might ask for another help from you which will help our business, some things that I cannot do from here.
    6. These 18 agents could produce at least 10 sales everyday, so that will be $200 - $250 profit for us each day. Profit sharing is negotiable, but if we will take 50-50, it will be $100 for you each day, and 36 days ROI for you.
    7. I am looking for a long-term partner here, someone who will consider expanding our office a little by little until we reach more than a hundred agents.

    Interested? Add me up on Skype: alfredparungao
    Check me out on Facebook and YM: [email protected]

    My personal infos and pictures are on my facebook, in case u wanna know things about me.