JV Partner needed for CPA Redirection project.

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by CPAKing11, May 24, 2010.

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    I have learned the different ways to cloak a web site based on your keywords, ref page or page category. But now I don't know how to monetize my cloaked web site using CPA offers. I know there are many pros here who do same thing that I am looking for. If some one knows how to get leads for emails/zip submit offers but he don't know how to cloak your web page to save your skin, then I think we can do jv together. I can cloak and you get leads, revenue made will be shared equally.

    I do have couple CPA accounts that we can use and if you want to introduce more accounts in this, you are most welcome to do so. (we can spread earnings equally over these accounts to keep our self under radar.)

    If any one of you have other project in your mind which can be done similar way, you are most welcomed to discuss that with me. We can work the things out.

    Hit me up for any more queries if you have.

    Thanks for reading this. :)