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    I am starting a project with big potential.
    The goal is to offer people the easiest way so far on the internet to earn big amounts of money.
    People do different kind of tasks (commenting, promoting youtube, social media promoting, sing ups...) in order to earn points. (points used for premium membership)
    They earn money by referring other people to the site to do the same.
    I have it all pretty much figured it out and have a lot more ideas and twists to add as the project grows.

    If you can do anything from bellow contact me and I will explain the project in more details.

    What I need:

    Expert in creating niche websites that will be promoted by the members.
    - (Example: 1000 members promote the niche site on different kind of websites, at the end of the month the revenue earned is shared with all the members)

    Out of the box thinkers
    - If you have any tasks that you can offer to big amounts of people that will 100% earn the project money share it.

    Money management

    - I have problems with withdrawing cash from most of the online platforms, and some affiliates don't accept my country. So I need someone with BIG reputation on the forums that will create accounts on affiliate websites, withdrew and transfer the money.

    - I will give 10 lifetime premium memberships (that will cost 10$ month) to black hat members with more then 500 posts.

    All interested can reply on this thread, pm me, or add me on skype (vonotnarovad)
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