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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by bryanon, May 29, 2013.

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking for an HTML/CSS expert to partner up with on a new side-venture that I'll be launching.

    The venture is a service related to mobile optimisation of websites and as such, the partner I'm looking for needs to have strong knowledge on the subject.

    In the launch phase, myself and my staff will be covering everything operations and marketing related, and apart from participating in decision making, the only thing I need from the future partner is getting work done / fulfilling orders.

    Up for grabs is 20% of the venture, PLUS an additional 37.5% of each contract that you take on (making the compensation a total of 50% for the revenue of contracts that you deal with). The plan is to hire a few CSS guys once the service has taken off properly (est. 6-9 weeks), at which stage you will retain 20% of all profits with 0 input from you - unless you want to manage the team, in which case negotiations are in order.

    It is crucial that:

    1) You have STRONG experience with HTML/CSS and you can prove it. I'm not looking for someone who has developed a few sites, read a few books and now believes they're an expert (where I'm currently based - I could hire 10 people like this tomorrow for $500/pm each). You need to be an experienced professional and have your portfolio reflect this.

    2) You know what Responsive Design is and have mastered the concept.

    3) You are able to take a standard, non-responsive website and turn it into a responsive one in minimal time.

    If what I've listed applies to you and you want to do some business then please hit me a PM with:
    - an introduction and some insights into your past experience;
    - a quick overview of any other commitments that you currently have (school, 9-5 job, other ventures) and your day-to-day availability;
    - your location / time zone;
    - your Skype handle.

    I will do my best to get back to everybody who PM's me within a couple of days but can't guarantee anything. Some of my previous JV threads have triggered over 50 PM's and if that's the case here, I will only be getting in touch with those of you who seem to be a good match.

    Speak to you soon!
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