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    Hey Guys,
    In the past few months, I wrote a whole lot of code which is working quite well now. Now my software can create multi tier unique posts to wordpress blogs in drip feed mode. The posts themselves will be created by scraping nice specific article sources (ezine,associated content), image sources(flickr) and video sources (youtube) and authority sources (wikipedia, about.com) and then spun at word level(using TBS), sentence level and article level to create uniqueness above 200%. Now, only thing that remains is availability of working and reliable WPMU hosts. Public WPMU hosts are a pain in the ass to maintain and the only way out is to buy some aged domains with at least some PR (20$+ a piece) hosted on c class IP (1$+ per month a piece) and run WPMU on them. If you already have domains and c class hosting, then its fine, otherwise I will tell you where to get it. I do it with around 20 domains already but more the merrier.

    So the offer for those who are serious is that you guys setup your domains,hosting and wordpress and let me know the niche or your money site. My software will do all the hard work for you including scraping your moneysite for urls and keywords, getting niche specific content from the web (it can get so much data in one time that it will last for months). Then I will put everything in drip feed mode that will keep creating posts in multitier blogs (1 to n) for as long as we want.

    What I want in return is not much. For every wpmu blog that I send you drip feed content, you let me create one wp blog for me on the same domain. I will be using it for my own sites which are all clean and nice sites that can be surfed along with family.

    If all this sounds interesting in any way or if you have any other ideas that can be interesting to both of us, we can discuss this on skype. Pls send me PM or post on this thread if you are interested.