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JV - My mass upload youtube script and your niches/ideas/methods

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by mnunes532, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. mnunes532

    mnunes532 Supreme Member

    Jan 21, 2014
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    Hey there,

    I'm a web developer and I made a youtube script (using their api) using php, jquery and python. What that script does it to create videos, generate title, description and tags for each video, and upload them.

    It currently creates videos from images or videos with a background with a color and text on it (eg. A video with a red background and some white text written "To download GTA 5 crack, click on the link on the description"). I don't know if it is important but none of them has sound/music.

    I need someone who can work with me since I don't know almost nothing about PPD/CPA or any other method and I don't have any experience with it. We would split 50/50 of total profits.

    I'm looking for someone who knows what he/she is doing and know about profitable niches which can bring us money in the first days after we start working together. I'll be the one running the script and I'll upload videos too. I can upload up to 30 videos of 1 minute lenght per hour if videos are not created yet. If the videos are already created, it is possible to upload up to 1000 videos per hour. If everything goes well, we can purchase a VPS and let the script run on it.

    I think I can modify the script in order to use the unlisted method. Unfortunately I only heard about this method after I developed the script.

    I've already tried to modify the script in order to add some views (301 at least), yet I had no success.

    I can also provide phone verification if it is needed to create gmail/youtube accounts.

    Basically I'm providing everything that it is needed and I'll be sharing half of the earnings so I think it is a great deal.

    Is anyone interested? I'll start working as soon as possible on this so we can start earning money in the first hours after uploading the videos if possible. :)
  2. 2008rain

    2008rain BANNED BANNED

    Aug 8, 2009
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    PM im very interested.