[JV] Looking for web designers, ppc experts, designers, etc.

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Xoshua, Apr 23, 2014.

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    Aug 13, 2012
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    As the title says I'm currently looking for a few different people. A little background information before I continue. I run and manage an SEO company here in Canada, I'm starting to gain a lot of clients in different areas and need to expand. This doesn't have to be full term but it can be if requested.

    For PPC I'm looking for someone who knows how to efficiently manage and build different types of ppc campaigns involving Adwords, FB, bing, etc. Payment will be 5% of total budget per client.

    For a web designer/ developer I'm looking for a reliable person to handle web designing and web development. Payment will vary between 200 CAD - 1200 CAD, depending on the work type and the time it should take to complete it. I have hosting setup so that won't be an issue, someone familiar with cpanel, wordpress, possibly ecommerce, paypal solutions, setting up payment gateways, APIs, php, css, etc.

    For a graphic designer/ video maker price will also vary depending on type of work, time, effort, etc.

    Rates will be a medium amount. I'm not looking for companies in these fields because I'm looking for the workers directly, not a middleman. Prices will be right in the middle of market prices, we do not overcharge and we certainly don't work for free. This is a good opportunity for anyone interested.

    PM me here or add me on skype, it is same as my username. Thank you again for reading this thread and will speak shortly. Cheers.
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    Dec 30, 2012
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    I am fairly good with html/css/php and I know my way around Wordpress.
    I prefer adjusting themes over actually making them myself.
    If you are in need of someone with these requirements then feel
    free to send me a PM with your skype.
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    Have very strong Wordpress and Graphic design skills.

    Prefer working on a freelance basis though. PM me if interested.