[JV] Looking for someone who can sell INTERNATIONALLY on Ebay

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    Please, only contact me if you have an Ebay account that can sell internationally (meaning you've already done lots of national sales and unlocked it at some point)

    I've been selling starter websites on Flippa for a while now and looking to branch out into other marketplaces. I'm looking for someone with an Ebay account in good standing who has at least a couple of hours a week's time to invest in this. Will just be experimental to begin with but could turn out quite profitable eventually.

    My tasks will be:

    • Write the sales copies for Ebay
    • Build the websites + instructions
    • Handle orders (for as much as I can, given it's your account)

    Your tasks will be:

    • List the auctions
    • Handle orders (to a certain degree, I'd like to do all the website related support myself)

    [unless you would give me access to your account, in which case you don't have to do anything]

    What I expect of you:

    Be available and have good communication skills as well as a clean Ebay account, meaning a great rating and no dodgy stuff sold in the past. I'm not quite sure on the pricing yet as it's a bit more complex than a fixed price per item with hosting and transfer fees involved. Expect a fair percentage of the total sale amount per sale (35% - 50%).
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