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    Hi all,

    I am associated with a quick business page/local directory service and we are looking for some help with marketing/promoting it. The product is ready and available and based on a subscription/monthly recurring payment model - great passive income! The following is the suggested course of action to promote the site and divided into two parts:

    1. Offline promotion
    2. Online promotion

    We want to focus on offline promotion and PPC and want to partner with a couple of people in specific online aspects, namely:

    1. SEO for main site (Focussed towards small businesses looking to have their business information online).
    2. SEO for affiliate program (Multi-level).
    3. Email shots.

    So, looking for the following:

    1. SEO knowledge and experience (experienced in ranking authority sites over the long-term).
    2. Email marketing experience.

    To clarify, there will be 1 partner each for the SEO aspect, however, we can consider multiple email marketing people as the revenue can be attributable to a source.

    Not looking for investment - just your skills.

    Open to revenue/profit sharing depending on what skill set you bring to the table (ideally want to outsource complete aspects of the function) with minimal or no interference from us.

    If interested, please PM me with the following information:

    1. How long have you been doing online/SEO or email marketing?
    2. Have you ranked high + medium competition keywords (hosting related niches would work great).
    3. What tasks you can do?
    4. Skype ID:
    5. Country you are based: [To ascertain time zone difference (we are based in London, UK)]
    6. Can you provide references (we will get in touch with them) - Yes/No?

    Percent of revenue/profits will be finalized (up to 50% of revenue) once responsibilities for both sides are completed, followed by legal documentation.

    Please let me know if something is unclear/confusing and I will address it. If you want specifics about commercial arrangement, please PM me.

    @mod(s) - let me know if something is inappropriate and/or needs to be changed.

    Thanks again.
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