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    This might not be related to usual talks on BHW, and there's actually nothing BH in this, but I know there are talented designers here too so why not try to post this here :)

    I'll try to keep it short and straight to the point:

    As an HTML and Wordpress dev I'm looking for a highly talented designer to team up with and make money on themeforest.
    As you know, TF is really picky on quality and aesthetics, but the themes there are selling like crazy.

    What I'm looking for:
    - Designers who can create PSD templates good enough to be accepted for sale on TF.

    What I'll add to the JV:
    - I will create responsive HTML templates and full featured WP themes from the PSD for more sales (and more money) on TF.
    - Additionally, I'll handle support for buyers of these templates and themes.

    Profits split:
    - 100% of profits from the sales of PSDs will go to the designer (sold from his own account if he wishes)
    - Profits from HTML templates sales will be split 50/50.
    - Profits from WP themes will be split 60/40.
    - HTML and WP versions will be sold from my TF account, and I'll transfer your share as soon as I withdraw money from TF.

    Guarantees and limitations:
    I'm running an established and registered webdesign business, and I'm willing to sign a written contract on a per-theme basis to guarantee that:
    - The designer allows me to use his PSD design to turn it into HTML and WP and to sell them on TF.
    - I owe the designer his share of the profits to be paid no latter than NET30 (TF pays on NET15) via paypal or SWIFT.

    - If you fail at making a PSD that is good enough to be accepted on TF, then no problem, you have no obligation.
    - TF is known to be more picky on PSD than on other templates, so once the PSD is accepted, HTML and WP versions are almost guaranteed to be accepted. But if I fail in any way, you are free to terminate our contract and keep all the rights for your PSD, you still get 100% of the profits from sales you generate, and you can even hire someone else to code it.

    As you can see, this JV requires no high involvement and no financial risk.
    The profit split will be guaranteed by a written contract.
    If someone fails to deliver his part of the job, then the agreement is terminated and no money is lost for the other.

    This JV requires no financial investment and no high commitments. Everyone is free to work at its own pace.

    If you think you are talented enough to meet TF quality requirements and are willing to team up on this, please pm and will discuss further on skype. ;)