JV- Looking for Content Writer 50/50

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    This is for a JV for a Niche site.

    ME:I will do all the keyword research, will find 1 main keyword theme and 5 sub categories. You can help brainstorm on the ideas/topics if you'd like.
    I will also make and maintain the website, hosting, SEO, backlinks/SB.

    You: Supply original content for the site.
    500 word article per keyword. Will target 5-6 keywords.
    5 spun or original articles per keyword.
    Must pass copyscape.
    Provide more articles "if" needed.
    If you would like to help with backlinking thats optional but not required.

    If the one we make is successful, I am open to doing more sites but focusing on 1 will be easier for the backlinks.

    Please contact me via PM and give me your aim/yahoo msgr.

    As you can see, I HATE writing content and that's my main problem. I will split everything 50/50, I will even open up a new adsense account so it'll start at 0 and everything in the account will be split down the middle. I will also open up a new hosting account so this will not be tied in to my personal niche sites.