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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by oakley56fila, Aug 3, 2011.

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    My name is Rick and I'm looking for a JV. I realize that first sentence makes me sound like I'm at an AA meeting, but it's 100% accurate.. I'm looking for a JV. I've been spinning my wheels and not going anywhere for awhile now in IM. I own a small Web Design / SEO firm offering services to local companies but business is down. I'm hoping to find someone that has a solid method for online success that would like to mentor me through JV.

    My strong points:
    I'm a web designer and I'm strong with WordPress.
    I'm a wiz with HTML/CSS, and I'm decent with PHP and JavaScript
    I own a small VPS so hosting for a website is not an issue
    I'm trustworthy, driven, and I've got extra time on my hands
    I've been moderately successful with Adsense, but I would like to move beyond this, or increase these earnings substantially.
    I have SENukeX ready for use.

    My weaknesses:
    I lack direction at the moment. I have energy and the willingness to do work, but I don't know where to apply myself. I have a few small side ventures going on (testing out an autoblog and a few micro niche sites) but no conclusive evidence that tells me to invest myself 100% in either.

    My desires:
    I would like to enter into a JV that is mutually beneficial with an experienced, trustworthy individual that has proven success in whatever avenue we enter into together. I want to learn the methods you use, so if you plan on keeping what you know a secret, don't bother getting in touch. I'm interested in getting into CPA or something with more earning potential than CPC has shown me.

    I know I'm newer to the forums, but I'm a good guy. If you're interested in this, but discouraged by my forum status, send me a PM and open a line of communication to get to know me a bit so that you can judge for yourself.
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