[JV] Launching new IM Blog. Need Experienced Partner. *Very Good Deal*

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    I am going to launch an internet marketing blog on 1st of january and I am looking a partner to help me with the blog because I work 24/7 and I am busy all the time. There will be tons of money on the table for both of us, so, here's everything you need to know:

    Why Should You be my partner?

    • You can review internet marketing products and post your affiliate links and grab 100% affiliate commissions! :)
    • Put your banners on the blog. All visitors belong to you!
    • I will share all blog subscribers with you.
    • Promote yourself. If you have a product, you can promote it on the blog for free.

    • You must be an experienced marketer who is already making money online. You must have have worked with some CPA and affiliate networks.
    • We have to talk on phone just to make sure that you're legit.
    • You must make at least 3 high quality posts on the blog per week.
    • No Blackhat! I will not tolerate illegal stuff on the blog. Make sure that you don't scam blog subscribers or review crappy and non-delivering products.
    • You have to build at least 5 high quality links to the blog per week. No scrapebox or xrumer mass linking allowed. Links like high pr forum profiles, high pr blog commenting or links from your own sites will do.
    I will be doing all the administration stuff, you just need to do the simple stuff mentioned above.


    I am looking for a long-term partner and not a guest blogger or freelance writer! If you are serious about internet marketing, let's partner up and rake in 6 figure cheques.

    PM me if you are interested. The deadline is 29th december 2010.
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