[JV] I Have Xrumer And Dedi


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Aug 5, 2009
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Alright well like the title says i have Xrumer and a dedicated server so whatever ideas you have im in. Basically i really need something quick to make payments on my server but if you have any great ideas and just need xrumer and a dedicated server id be more than willing to work on something long term.
pm us i am interested in what you are doing.
Replied to all pm's i believe but my server is now down as i couldnt pay the bill thanks for the offers though.
so your not selling anymore xrumer blast? :weep:
Yeah ill still be selling blasts in a little bit once i get the server back up ( Had some money issues) If anyones still interested in this im still looking for good Xrumer projects and i have the liscence and a dedi soon!
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