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    Jun 4, 2009
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    I'm relatively new to BHW but not to internet marketing. Before I was doing all the whitehat shit, but I recently just discovered mailing and I love it. So much easier.

    Anyways I had a micro niche that I'm raping and there's really no room for scaling anymore. Hard to explain without giving it away.

    Whether you don't have the resources to mail or whatever I may be your solution. Hit me up on PM if you have an idea and if it flies with me we can get started mailing together. I'm not going to lie, if your idea sucks or is very vague I'm not going to run it.

    In the past I have been able to mail about 15k @CL daily and I'm not sure how many @other (never tried). I am able to buy everything myself, mainly proxies and accounts (already have the software obviously) and that will all be deducted.

    Profits will be split depending on how much work you do, how much I do, etc. Probability is that if you have a good idea, profits will go 50:50.

    PM me or post on this thread as I mentioned


    P.S. Please don't post any spam or useless junk. Also it would be smart to not post your idea on this thread, as everyone can see it and possibly take it. I prefer PM's.