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[jv] I am looking to invest

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by notrin, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. notrin

    notrin Power Member

    Apr 15, 2010
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    Self Employed Web Master
    Montana, USA
    you got something to make me residual income within 6 months time? i am taking offers for 3 weeks, as i am waiting for my payments to come in.

    white hat is best.
    open to some other ideas?

    my investment goal is 2,000$

    requirements for this: you need to be a well rep'ed member on this board, with at least 300 thanks given to you.

    i rep is a plus too.

    yes i have thought about applying my learning's on my own, (and i am on a smaller scale, but i am looking for something more secure, from a guru!)