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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by ash1ey, Dec 29, 2011.

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    I am currently looking for a JV partner for a new website I started at the start of this month. The website is News/Forums for a video game. I only decided to make the website after playing the game during its beta stages at the start of this month.

    Since starting the site I've had just over 13k visitors (11,124 Unique Visitors) and roughly 34k pageviews according to GA.

    This website so far is 98% white hat seo of which I have done very little. I have a dmoz link, some links from other forums where I post and other random linkbacks from people linking to posts on the site.

    The forums on the website currently has (Threads 224) (Posts 397) and around 40 or so members of which only about 10-15 are active. Most of the content is copy pasta I have took from other forums but I always link back to the source and have had no complaints so far.

    The Problem I have is last time I ran a forum was in 2005 and I remember then how hard it was to encourage more people to post.

    What I am looking for right now is a possible partner who can help work on the site with the same passion for it that I have. If we can build up the forums with more content and make it more look active, I'm sure more people will start posting. The forums have MASSIVE potential for lots of traffic.

    If you think you can offer me a deal in terms of how much time and effort you could put in to the site with me, we would pretty much do a 50/50 split.

    Being a gamer and/or even playing the game yourself would be a huge advantage!

    I will not discuss the game or website it's self here, drop me a PM if your interested and I will discuss it further with you.