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JV for payday loans site

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by andreybl, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. andreybl

    andreybl Registered Member


    I'm looking for a partner to help me push my site to #1 spot on my primary keyword. The site is 9 months old, has really good on-site SEO and excessive backlinking campaign already. It is currently ranking #1 for the second most competitive keyword and #12 for primary keyword. As for me personally, I have worked in SEO since 2006.

    Current revenue for the site is about 5000e/month, and I'm registered to all the affiliate programs that have payday loans targeting my country. The page is highly optimized to both visitors and revenue wise while still keeping it natural.

    Page 1 results are mostly actual payday companies, and two other guys who both have two sites on the first page. They have a few other domains on other pages, but I'm mostly considering first page results here. These should be fairly easy to outrank - they use a combination of article networks and direct xrumer blasts to money page. With the right amount of work, these guys are easily beaten.

    First position is taken by exact match domain on country TLD that has been working since 2004. It is extremely hard to beat. However, I have estimated that even #2 position would bring about 25 000e/month (calculation details in PM), and I have a few tricks up my sleeve to gain attention on search results.

    I will welcome both SEO JV and monetary JV to buy SEO services to push it there. I would mostly like direct SEO JV, but only from people who know what they're doing and who ask for my opinion before doing something, as not to risk the site and current positions.

    So if you are,
    1) Great at SEO, but cannot target this market because of language problems, lets make a deal
    2) Have cash to spend on good SEO services. I will not promise stupid 5000% ROI or shit like that, but I'm open to discuss invest agreement. In any case, you will get back your investment with extra and some nice percentage of the monthly revenue.

    Thank you, and waiting to hear from you!
  2. jacobs

    jacobs Power Member

    Oct 10, 2008
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    Just wondering why would you be still looking for someone who has cash to spend in SEO when you're already making 5k/mo.
  3. andreybl

    andreybl Registered Member

    I'm not. I'm mostly interested in people who can directly do SEO on the site. The monetary part is just extra that I can accept on good terms, but it is very costly way to get rankings. I prefer people who have the tools and team to get it naturally.