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    I am the original programmer of a successful GPT site, SilentRewards.com. After being burned on a bad partnership, I have decided to relaunch the script with a new face and domain, targeting a different audience and utilizing different marketing methods. Due to the way this partnership dissolved, I am left with nearly nothing to launch on, so I am seeking an investor.

    The script is currently being hosted on InterfaceTen.com, and you can log in to see it with the credentials xtest2/xtest2, or register an account using the code NOREFERRAL.

    I am looking for an investment of 1500 or more. You will receive 45% of the net revenue from launch until your investment is tripled, or 25% of the revenue for the life of the site. These terms are of course entirely discuss-able.

    What your investment will be used for:
    • A new design for the script
    • An agressive marketing campaign through the_demon (Reputable member here.) Or whomever you prefer
    • Payouts to users during the launch phase until revenue catches up
    • Potentially a VPS if the script takes off quick enough to merit this.

    You will also need to cover any fees/contracts involved in solidifying this to a level that you're comfortable with.

    After the initial 3 months of launch, with a very amateur marketer, SilentRewards.com was at a net revenue of approximately $8k/month, and growing steadily about 12% each month.

    Please post any questions that you think others may also be interested in. Serious offers or considerations may PM or Skype me.