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Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by software248, Jun 11, 2012.

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    What is the JV?

    I am planning to make a CPA rewards website that will give people points for completing offers from different CPA websites. They then can use these rewards to get prizes . We will earn through the CPA offers that are completed! Although this is something small I plan on scaling up until we can start developing even apps to integrate this website onto and have people complete offers whereever they go.

    What I am looking for?

    I am looking for a partner who is capable of not only doing design but is also good with coding.(PHP mostly, but also HTML and CSS.) I wish to have someone in the United States as this will make it easier to contact each other but I am open to any offers.

    What I add to the JV?

    Not only do I have a great domain right now but also a small script that I found here. Although the script is already pretty nice, that is not going to cut it with my lack of coding. Of course I can learn it but this will probably take me too much time and money wasted as time.

    I excel in SEO as well as marketing in general, I have around 12 softwares dedicated to SEO, and will market this website to its maximum potential.

    Split: 50/50

    Communication is key!
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    I can do programming (PHP , CSS), but not designing
    PM if interested