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    Feb 15, 2009
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    Hi all,

    I need a jv partner that can help me setup 2 different forums on 2 domains.

    I have tried this before with 2 other people but they quickly lost interest in the direction that the forum was going.

    So I am taking the forums in a different direction altogether.

    Anyway-here is what I have so far:

    Purchased domains and I pay hosting.

    This is what I need from a partner:

    *willing to stick it out long term as I have more than these 2 projects in mind

    * willing & able to communicate via YIM

    * ability to work with at first SMF (simple machines forum)

    * time (not 24 hrs a day) to work this project-I have a life & you have a life-I get that.

    * someone that knows there way around working with cpa

    What's in it for you-

    A 50/50 profit split in all projects that are worked together.

    A great chance at a sideline business that should, with effort be profitable.

    I pay hosting.

    Can't go into much more detail as I'll give the idea a way.

    If anyone is interested... please pm me.