Just launched a new startup, could use some help.

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by Allblackeverything, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Okay, first I would like to state that I am SittinLow from this forum, I registered that account with my college e-mail address, however, have graduated and can no longer access the e-mail. Which, in turn, means I cannot do a password reset. So if any admin could help me out with that, then that would be great, as I have paid for the premium forum under that account.

    Now to this post:

    Me and a partner have a website, basically it is for deal promotion for small businesses centered around a small demographic. I will be much more specific about this in the private forum. However, you can check our youtube video here:

    Now, we are recent grads with a shoe-string budget, and I am from a science background with no offline business marketing experience. We are trying to get clients now for a beta testing period for our site, offering free service in exchange for feedback. However, we are struggling to get clients as our marketing experience is limited. I am asking if anyone can help me with an outline on how to go about getting these clients on board. Such as: Phone calls, visits, emails ect..

    Thank you for any help.
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    Fastest way it to talk to the small business owner directly offer it for free.
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    Spam is a quite good marketing technique ;) sort of joking..

    Try leaving (manual) comments on authority blogs or posting on forums which your target audience will read, drive people to your website. Youtube is also a good traffic source if you use it well, so is Tumblr, , Facebook, etc;. in general all that is social.

    Or else you can try ranking your website to the first page of Google results for a certain keyword (SEO)

    just a few ideas..