Just got back onto this site! Been a while!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by EternaaL, Jan 30, 2016.

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    Sooo none of you probably remember me its been a while, but im back to having money troubles due to lay offs at work and unemployment being a pain the past 2 months mean while I have a brand new car that im missing payments on...so im looking for way to make some good cash im a hard worker im determined to do whatever it takes to get myself financially stable..legal illegal whats the difference? hahaha no kidding ofcourse ;) Ive done all the E Whore and stuff before but have no patience for that and now days its probably impossible. Any tips you guys could direct me to? Ive been trying the goodwill to ebay and such but have had no luck even started to scrap copper and gold (Yes that's how low ive had to steep). Im doing everything I can think of I would like to be able to give my mom money back for sending me to school and such. Either comment on this forum or PM me either way I know you guys will be more than likely to help me out well some of you guys others like to keep it to themselves but sometimes you need a partner to bring in a bit more ;p
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    What's funny is that people seems to do the exact opposite of what they should do.

    Working online take times & patience. You should come and try to make money online when you are financially safe & have some free time & willing to learn with real interest in it.
    From what I heard:
    - You're in a rush. (Well bad news, almost no company pays day to day, you'll need at least 2 months from now to get your first pennies if you made any)
    - You're Financially unstable. (During that time you won't make a cent for sure, and you might be asked to invest)
    - You don't care about what you learn. (Passion is a big part of what makes a person successful online)

    Well, that's the exact opposite formula of people making money. Sorry dude, just get an offline job, work double shift, pay your loans, and come back when you have a real interest in learning what means making money online.
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    I disagree with Tayax for just dumping on you but some of his points are valid. Though, his post spends more time being pointed and jabbing you.

    OP, this goes for anyone in your position. First off, no one wants a sympathy case. It doesn't inspire confidence in a potential partner. Rather than go on about all of the sad things that are happening and your struggle, you should have listed all of your skills and offered some services. Then after doing so you could pivot from that to something better. Think of an interview for a job and a charity commercial. An interview with a job is where you list skills and exude confidence. A charity commercial is a sad story and hands put out looking for help. If you were to read your own post, which would you say that you have here?

    Change your approach, get organized and try it again. You have something to offer, lay it out and keep the tears for the tissues.
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    Stoop lower....by selling your virginity on ebay :D

    But seriously, listen to tayax. It looks like you are very desperate for money but IM is not a get rich quick solution (despite what guru's say)