Just did some browsing on ebay and noticed something.....

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    Oct 9, 2012
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    that may have happened a while back.

    I have not checked on those for a while so i really don't know when but there used to be ten's and hundred of thousands cell phone batteries listed on every major site.

    Nokia batt's in particular on sites like .de and .co.uk.

    Did they crack down on all them fake batt's claiming to be Nokia original ?

    If so and if there is interest i can supply high quality OEM batt's for just about all cellphones for a good price. Not cheap - cheap means really bad. But reasonably priced:

    OEM replacement from MSM for just about all models and brands. They have the right ( meaning equal ) capacity as the originals but lack the safety features like temp fuse or IC controller

    USD 2.55 a pop including ship to almost any Country

    or the best quality that is available - JiaYi Gold series. Those have equal or higher capacity and all the safety crap. These are available only for Nokias.

    USD 3.15 including ship

    But i don't drop ship or do small orders. If anyone is interested please do not ask for like 20 pieces or something. These rates above apply for orders of 25kg per shipment - about 400 - 500 batt's, depending on model.

    Of course you may mix the models any way you wish.

    All are factory fresh and prep time is about 2 days.

    Yes, there are batteries available for much less - 50 cents a pop - but who wants to deal with buyers who will complain that the battery they bought from you is low bat after 20 minutes and dead as a doornail after 5 charges ?

    Anyways - just a thought and if you think you can do large volumes i will be happy to supply