Just Curious - Regarding Open Site Explorer

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Colonel Tuxedo, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Admittedly I'm new to this community. In my few days here so far I've noticed quite a bit of drivel, but there are some legitimately helpful people here who seem genuinely interested in intelligent discussion as well. I look forward to contributing to the latter.

    My question is, why does this community as a whole seem to overlook/dislike/frown upon Open Site Explorer? I've seen several mention it as a useless tool, and I've seen several recommendations for other similar tools while omitting OSE as an option.

    I'm no SEOMoz fanboy by any means... some of their tools are truly garbage IMO, but I wouldn't put OSE in that category.

    I personally use Majestic and OSE together, but I'm just curious why all the hate for OSE here?

    Is it because SEOMoz represents everything "white hat"?

    I really don't like the whole white/black hat dichotomy in the first place. I prefer techniques that get results, and there are positives and negatives to both sides.

    Anyway I'm getting distracted...

    Why the OSE hate? What do you know that I don't?