Just bought scrapebox...but it crashes as soon as I open the program!


Mar 27, 2010
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I finally bought the almighty scrapebox today

When I downloaded the program and activated it I was so excited I almost jizzed in my pants...until I saw the crash report :(

I've searched on this forum for the past hour or so but couldn't find a thread with an identical problem.

Is there anyone out there who has experienced the same problem as mine?
Contact their support... Some times it crashed on my system but Then when I restarted it every thing worked fine....
Yeah, you should reach their support team. As for me, I never experienced any crash, works perfectly but maybe because I am just using index checking and deleting duplicate websites. :D
everything is all fine now
I just wiped out my harddrive and installed win7 pro 64 bit thats been laying around my room :)
I did send an email to their support team as soon as I saw the crash report(this all happened late at night on labor day) and got a response in less than an hour or so.

I am super pumped about scrapebox and cant wait to overload my bandwith with blog commenting
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