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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Kyle787, Sep 13, 2011.

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    So I have had a lot of time thinking lately in my immense amount of free time between college classes and I thought of an idea that I think may work if you played your cards right.

    My father I know is still pretty young. He is making bank running his own insurance franchise and he is always calling me in to go clean his computer. I will go in, clean all of the office's computers out, and then they all run much faster than before I arrived. You know? Temp. internet files, cache, viruses, malware, etc. The sh** Geeksquad and computer companies charge $100s of dollars for to remove every time you have a problem.

    Thing is, as you all probably know, you can clean your computer for free with Ccleaner, Malwarebytes, MS security center, etc. and half the time, it is better than the paid Norton crap. Now that I think about it, there are SO MANY middle aged adults and older people who don't know this.

    So I thought to maybe hold a seminar and advertise it offline and online. Rent out a hotel meeting room, sell/give tickets, and teach people how to do it themselves.

    You could either charge something like $30 to teach them how easy it is to do it themselves (which is probably half the price of a single virus clean out at Geek Squad)


    Monetize some other way. Offer free tickets and maybe try selling a step-by-step guide.

    I don't know though, just my two cents. I haven't ever looked into doing anything like this before so I don't know if it sounds plausible or not yet.
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    Thats a nice idea. Keep us posted if you will try that method.

    Goodluck :)
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    Yeah, I think they would be more interested in having it done for them.
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    Problem is nobody wants to spend their time doing this.

    Now if you taught them how to cheaply outsource it , your golden
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    That's a great idea!
    Seeing as many of the business owners are still far to
    lazy or buzzy do it themselves they would hire you on the spot to do it for them.
    rather then have to organise an employee to organise it for them.

    Make them aware of the problem then solve it for them.

    Charge for bringing their attention to the problem.
    Charge for the solution.
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    Just a bit of a "Lazy Man" twist to this method....

    Post on CL nationwide for advertising - I KNOW these people will be all over your deal because I've done it locally before to clean computers.

    Get LogMeIn Rescue and do it remotely and save the trip. Not only could you do this, but then you could also do a monthly retainer to maintain their computer and performance all remotely. You just check in once a week on their computer with LogMeIn (paid version)... and save all the credentials.

    There is even part of their software that you can get messages on errors, viruses and updates... and can push them remotely.

    Screw staying local... scale it up. Become the "IT Company" for the home user.... it works for businesses and businesses pay a pretty penny for that type of stuff... so why not do residential remotely?

    Just my two cents.. ;-)
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    Actually you could probably do the whole Thing at home using Team Viewer or hold a webinar